Meet Dr. Paul Derman

Paul Derman, DMD

To some, dentistry is just fixing teeth with the belief that they are isolated from the rest of the body. I look as dentistry as treating the entire human being. I listen to everyone’s wants, desires, and needs, and come out with a solution that I believe will exceed expectations. I treat all my patients as individuals and try to get to know them and hope they get to know me, too.

My team is 100% with my vision about creating a patient-focused practice. We all believe our patients are like family and therefore are treated accordingly. We love sharing their milestones and seeing their photographs. Our practice is fun, as we all work together so well. We are like family here. And if a patient is fortunate (or unfortunate, as the case may be), he or she may get to experience my sense of humor.

Education and Continuing Education

I’ve been interested in healthcare for as long as can remember. The same goes for working with hands and fixing things. As a child, I recall when I visited my grandparents, they would often have a pile of things for me to fix! As a dentist, I get to combine the best of both worlds!

Dentistry has progressed so much since I went to school and it is necessary to keep up with it. Following my formal education, I have completed several forms of continuing education on topics ranging from implants, cosmetic dentistry, surgery, and preventive care to new technology in dentistry. My goal is to always keep up with new advances in dentistry so I can integrate which ones will help my patients most efficiently.

Professional Memberships

Outside the Office

I grew up in a small town in northeast New Jersey known as Norwood. I’ve lived in Robbinsville for almost 20 years. I married my wife Tracey (it was love at first sight!) two days after graduating dental school. We’ve been blessed with three beautiful daughters — Whitney, Allison, and Chelsie — who are growing up way too fast. For better or for worse, they have no desire to follow in my footpath.

When I’m not in the office, my favorite thing to do is spend time at home with my family. I also enjoy working on my koi pond and making improvements to my house. My other interests include traveling, though I don’t do it nearly enough, studying history, listening to classic rock, and watching comedies. My favorite is the “Back to the Future” trilogy — ask me anything about it and I’ll probably know!